Nymph I: leaf (2014)

Hanging at New Wave Coffee until September 21st with my other paintings and drawings.

uuntitled II (2013-2014)

This painting just joined my others hanging at New Wave Coffee in Logan Sqaure on Logan & Milwaukee. Should be there until the 21st of September. More paintings and drawings to come at the shop almost daily.

uuntitled I (2012)

bloomless I (2014)

Oh This City Without Pain

New artwork for if.there.is.still.light released via spinalchord 2013 spinalchord13.bandcamp.com  2 followup albums coming this summer

monoliths II (2013)

preview track from _Zr0FKck$ to be released this summer along with overexposure/((o))\sundried (to be released in late spring) both on spinalchord audio (spinalchord13.bandcamp.com )

Sundress from XIII on Vimeo.

Sundress (2012)

monoliths I (2013)